Privacy policy

When using the website or the booking service, you may disclose to us your personal information, and such disclosure of personal information is your personal decision. Accordingly, please be advised that any provision of false information may cause a problem during booking, and this may result in the cancelation of your booking.

The website may ask for your personal information in the following circumstances:

• When you buy or book a product

• When you submit queries about our services

• When you provide feedback about our websites and booking services

• When you ask for brochures/flyers from our agency

• When you subscribe to receive e-mail messages about our products and special offers 

• When you participate in our online surveys 

According to the law, the website may collect certain data about users obtained while using the website (device data and net provider data only) or data submitted in the process of registration. These data are used by the website for information about its users in order to improve the website and to additionally target and adapt its content to website visitors. Based on these data, we can learn which content is most popular among our visitors.

In order to provide high-quality services including your flight, vacation, safety, incident management/accident management/insurance, we are allowed to unhide and process your data outside your home country. 

While traveling abroad, there is a possibility that the destination country will ask for unhiding and processing of your data for the purpose of immigration control, border control, security and fight against terror, or for any other purpose the destination country deems necessary. 

In case of your booking, we are allowed to keep your data for processing, administration and reporting of your booking. Eventually, you may expect to receive from our agency, following completed booking, a confirmation e-mail.

Eventually, you may also expect a call from our agency if this is needed to apply for services that may be transferred to third parties.

The information referred to above will not be used for advertisement purposes. 

The website commits that they will protect the privacy of website users, except in cases of serious violation of the rules of the website or illegal activities of its users.

In case you do not receive a confirmation of your booking within 24h from the time of booking, it is considered that the agency which made you the offer was unable to complete the offer.

The website or its owners are not responsible for any possible disputes or misunderstandings with an agency that publishes its services on the website.  

In the above-mentioned case, you can leave a negative comment or evaluation, which can lower the rating of that agency.

In case of any accidents or injuries of end users when renting cars, renting cars with a driver, touring of tourist destinations or accommodation, this website is not responsible for any of the above-mentioned cases.

In case an agency fails to provide its services to you, the agency is required to refund you for the money paid, and in such case the website is not responsible for such failure of the agency to perform its services or for any damage caused to you by the agency.

We work every day to ensure the website is safe and we are not responsible for hacking attacks.

The website is not responsible for any inappropriate comments including those from subscribers or users of the website, however, we will remove any comments that include bad or hateful words or any offensive or inappropriate content.

Agencies and instructors working for agencies have the authority not to allow or to prohibit you from taking certain activities you have booked if you are not physically, mentally and medically fit to do so, and if you reject the agency’s instructions, you exclusively assume all safety risks and release the agency and instructor from any liability.

Accordingly, the website shall not be responsible in any case for any physical, mental or medical problems you may have.

By using the website, you agree to release the website and its owner from any liability relating to the operation of the website, operation of agencies and instructors, for any injuries that may arise, for any mental and physical problems that may arise during or after a tourist visit.

For your protection, the website has concluded contracts with all agencies advertised on the website and it provides maximum protection for you and your data.

Cookies and related technologies

To provide you the best possible service, we use cookies and other applications that will help us give you the best possible experience on our website.

Content, links or third-party connections.

Services may have links to third-party sites or apps, which can have privacy policies that are different from ours. We are not responsible for the practice of those sites.

Services may also offer the possibility of interaction with social plugins from social media sites, which lets us or social media sites to receive data from or around you. In some cases, we might know if you clicked on a social plugin, like a button for sending a tweet or receiving other information from social media sites. Similarly, if you give your personal information to a third site which uses a service plugin, such site may recognize you on our services. Your use of social media plugins is subject to the privacy policy of each social media, which may be different from ours, and you should therefore read these guidelines carefully to understand the guidelines and your options. As in the case of any linked websites, we do not have control of information that is being collected, saved or used by social media plugins and we are not responsible for the practices of such sites.

Other sources – We can collect information, including demographic and statistical data from third parties, such as business partners, marketing agencies, researchers and analysts. Based on your assignment, we can attribute this information to certain statistical groups. We may use this information to complete the rest of your information so we can know your interests and provide more relevant experience to you as part of our Services, and to improve our products, analytics, and advertising.

How we use the information and legitimate bases

In principle, we collect, use and store your information so we can provide services, upgrade and fix services, make new services and advertise companies and their products and services. Some concrete examples of using the information are:

Keeping personal data/information

We keep your data for a period of time which is required to complete the goals for which the data are being processed or to meet the conditions for legal retention. The length of time we keep the information is determined by the purpose for which we collected the data and used them, or based on applicable legal requirements.

Agents / Service Providers

We work with other companies and people so as to complete tasks from our offer in the best possible way and so as to perform our services and tasks. For example, we can use companies for payment processing to receive and process your payment when you make a purchase using the Services or we can use a service provider for cloud data storage.

The information about marketers and users (buyers) is shared in certain contexts. For example, the information about a commercial store is made available to users, while user reviews of the store are available for marketers and other users. Also, when users are done with shopping using our services, we usually share information necessary to accomplish shopping, such as a delivery address and phone number, with the seller and his partners such as the shipping company. The information which we share with sellers and their service providers is subject to their own policies.

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